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World Cup NFT Series


World Cup NFT Series

Croshi Fantasy World Cup (WC) was a game launched during the 2022 FIFA World Cup where users can buy, sell, swap, and trade World Cup-themed NFT's in an effort to build a strong playing card collection that will score them high enough points to reach a prize place in the leaderboards.

About Croshi World Cup

🔧 Game Mechanics
🎮 Playing the Game
💯 Points and Scoring
Game Mechanics
  • A wallet must have exactly 6 NFT's in order to be entered (extra NFT's can be transferred, swapped, traded or junked).
  • A wallet must have 5 countries and 1 player.
  • 1 pack of 6 NFTs need to be purchased to enter.
  • It is recommended that you use 2 wallets - one to buy your first pack of 6 to enter, and a second wallet to buy extras. You can then transfer and trade between them.
What is contained within the pack?
An NFT pack contains 5 randomly selected teams plus 1 randomly selected player. The teams are divided up into 5 pots based off their world rankings. Pot 1 has the top 5 ranked teams in the tournament. Pot 2 has the next 5 and so on.
The pots are weighted also, so your odds of getting a pot 5 team is higher than a pot 1 team.
Pot Probability Weightings
  • Pot 1 = 8%
  • Pot 2 = 12%
  • Pot 3 = 18%
  • Pot 4 = 37%
The player distribution is completely random.
Playing the Game
Buy: Use the 'Buy' button to purchase packs.
Feeling Lucky: Use the 'Feeling Lucky' button to purchase a random, single NFT team card (out of 32 teams).
Swap: The 'Swap' button links to a Telegram group that's set up for swapping.
Trade: Use the 'Trade' button to be directed to the 'ebisusbay' site where you can sell your NFTs online. Remember - the value of pot 1 packs will be higher than pot 5.

Swapping Cards
To do a swap, first make a verbal deal with another player. When agreed upon, send your NFT(s) to the swap wallet. You can swap by selecting the 'S' in the NFT list section, or by sending it to the swap address directly.

In the swap group, please make a note of any swaps and use the following format when posting a message:
- Wallet 1: address
- Wallet 1: tokenID: 0
- Wallet 2: address
- Wallet 2: tokenID: 0

Each player will then be asked to verify they own their wallet by sending a tiny random amount of CRO to the wallet. Alternatively, if two players trust each other they can do the swap independently and just transfer the NFTs to each other.

Trading Cards
You can sell your NFT's on various NFT markets. We recommend ebsui for Cronos. There is a section dedicated to Fantasy World Cup.
If you want to get rid of any of your NFT's, find the NFT in your squad list, and select the 'J' (junk) option.

Transfers and purchases of NFT's will only be enabled up to the start of the 'last 16' round of games. This is done to ensure that everyone doesn't end up with the same teams.
Click button below to view scoring table.

The wallet with the most points at the end of the world cup will be declared the winner and will win the prize pot.

Before the final, each player will need to take a guess on when the first goal will be scored (to the closest second) - this is used in the event of a tie across scores.

In the event of a tie; firstly, the wallet with the player with the most goals wins.

If still a tie, the closest estimate to the first goal wins.

Points will be updated at the end of each world cup stage and can be viewed by logging into your wallet on the Dapp.

How to Play

Easy as  1, 2, 3


Purchase an NFT pack by visiting the  Dapp


Configure your best squad by trading and swapping pack cards


Sit back, grab a drink, and rejoice in the beautiful game... ⚽


Fine-tune your team before the round of 16 to ensure a top spot on the leaderboard 👑

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